What is the Brigade

Economic resources and opportunities are scarce in the communities of Global Brigades partners. The lack of access to financial services, capital, and financial literacy education acts as a barrier to economic growth for families and rural businesses. These factors, combined with higher than average interest rates, exploitative intermediaries, and volatile agricultural conditions, families are often left trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Founded in Marquette University, Global Business Brigades is an arm of the greater Holistic Model aimed at providing pro-bono consulting, financial literacy courses, and other additional resources to help local community members to find financial freedom and lead their own lives! We travel to countries such as Panama, Honduras, Ghana, and Nicaragua to interface with the members there to provide these resources.

Our Business program is the backbone of our Holistic Model. It consists of four core components: creating and strengthening community-owned Banks, increasing family income, fostering a culture of savings, and ensuring access to capital for low-interest loans.



“The most impactful way to learn and apply business skills in the developing world”

Mark Muckerheide, Director at Target Corp



How We Make Our Impact

Join Global Business Brigades chapters on a 7-8 day business brigades to Honduras, Panama, and Ghana. Volunteers facilitate financial literacy workshops and provide consulting to micro-enterprises on topics ranging from marketing to accounting.


Volunteers utilize business consulting frameworks to identify opportunities for increased income and resolve financial challenges of small rural businesses. Volunteers help small businesses decide on the feasibility of utilizing low-interest loans or creating a savings strategy to reach their economic goals.


Volunteers provide capacity building workshops to the leaders of the community banks to increase membership, improve operations, and identify lower risk borrowers. Volunteers help add member savings accounts and ensure high repayment rates on loans.


Volunteers conduct workshops financial planning to members of the community bank. Volunteers increase financial literacy around a culture of savings and prudent borrowing. Businesses that are seeking capital can work with volunteers to develop a payment plan and decide if it’s beneficial to take a loan.



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